What's New

Latest updates to the Aurora Design System.

Version 1

September 19, 2018

Aurora banner

We’re excited to launch the first iteration of Aurora design system! All of the components we’ve designed and tested with their HTML code can be easily found and copied, including text on how and when to use them.

This is the first iteration, and we are continuing to design new aspects to add to Aurora, as well as adding React.js code for each of our existing components. See our Github to stay up-to-date with what we are working on, or to give feedback about Aurora. Stay tuned for updates as we work on making Aurora even better!

Development Phase II

June 2018

Now in Phase II, the design team has split into smaller working teams, including developers, writers, designers, and UX researchers. We are conducting usability testing on some of our elements, developing style sheets and HTML components, and creating wire-frames to build the first iteration of the design system website.

The first iteration of the design system is in review. We are making small changes to components, ensuring consistency in our UI kit, and editing documentation. Take a look at our Github for some of our research reports and example prototypes!

Sierra also wrote a blog post outlining some of the key lessons learned from the project.

Development Phase I

April 2018

The Aurora design team is hard at work creating a first draft of the Aurora Design System. Browse through our Gitbook to see what's been done so far and what we're still working on!

The first phase of the design system will focus on key design elements, and a downloadable user interface (UI) kit. We are finishing the last few elements related to navigation, data visualizations and animations, as well as reviewing previous work.

Development work for the design elements will start mid-May. Interested in helping us code our components? Contact us!