What's New

Latest updates to the Aurora Design System. This list includes major content updates and web fixes. For a list of complete updates and Pull Requests, please read our release notes on Github.

For more information about what might be included in future updates, visit the Aurora page on GCwiki.

Aurora banner


March 19, 2019

  • Creation of Aurora NPM packages, which can be accessed from Github. aurora-css provides CSS and minified CSS files, while aurora-ds provides CSS and JavaScript files.
  • New Colour documentation, which includes a different look for colour swatches and additional information on applying palettes, as well as a more robust Aurora Borealis palette.
  • Documentation fixes and updates on various pages.
  • Updated Github repos, which separates packages and design files from the documentation site. New repos have updated READMEs.
  • Updated UI kit to better match fixes made to documentation site and new custom components.


January 16, 2019

  • Components section now includes tabs on most pages. These tabs separate HTML developer documentation and design specifications.
  • Added HTML developer documentation for all relevant components.
  • Simplified codeblocks on HTML tabs - Copy button temporarily removed.
  • Streamlined content in Tags, Chips and Pills page to fit into the Badges page. Tags, Chips and Pills was removed from sidebar navigation.
  • Fixed styling on Error Boxes, Inline Errors and Validation on Button Inputs, Tags, Pagination buttons, File Upload and Tooltips.
  • Built custom components for Custom Icon Alerts, Step Indicator, Back to Top button, and Badge Chips.
  • Cleaned up component examples and design documentation for all pages.
  • Reworked the Grids and Spacing page to better show grid examples.

V 0.3.2

December 28, 2018

  • New download page that includes the Aurora UI kit and compiled CSS and JavaScript
  • Updated download links throughout the site.
  • Helpful resources page that includes links to other Government of Canada and web design resources.
  • Updates to colour palettes on the Colour page, including the Canada.ca theme.

V 0.3.1

December 14,2018

  • Accessibility improvements, including better alternative text, search bar fixes, contrast fixes, better mobile navigation and more.
  • Minor fixes for consistency across components and documentation.
  • Content changes including additional System Vocabulary and clarification in the Search component.
  • New structure for the What's New page.

V 0.3

September 26, 2018

First public launch

  • Launch of Aurora website including, home page; Overview, Components, Content and Data sections; links to Github and UI kit; functional search bar.