Future Updates

The Digital Collaboration Division is consistently updating and iterating on Aurora design system to make Aurora even better! Here’s a look at what we’re planning for future versions:

Version 1.2

For Version 1.2 we are going to work on known fixes, add components that are currently in progress, add do/don’t images for context and distribution files for developers. These fixes and updates are: Fixes

  • Improvements to mobile navigation
  • Review of all of the alternative text on the site
  • Apply usability and accessibility fixes
  • Add proper translations in code blocks 
  • Fix inconsistency in components


  • Download page with distribution file and UI kit
  • Contact page
  • Help articles formatting
  • Comments
  • Menus
  • Do and don't images

Version 1.3

In Version 1.3 we will be adding navigation elements, as well as a page including our UX research based on design system content. We will also address fixes based off of user feedback from Version 1.2.

These updates include: 

  • Drawers and accordions
  • Header and Footer
  • Sidebar
  • Tabs
  • Alternative Text article
  • Research page for DS-related studies

Version 2

Version 2 includes a major update including an identity section based on the OADW brand, additional resources, and common layouts. We will also address fixes based off of user feedback from Version 1.3.

Identity section:

  • Values and mission statement
  • Logo
  • Brand colours
  • Taglines
  • Voice and tone

Resources section:

  • Inclusive design,
  • Research and best practices
  • Examples


  • Site navigation
  • App navigation
  • Login page
  • Stats dashboard

All of this versioning is subject to change. Aurora will continue to iterate in an agile method, meaning that we will address issues and plan updates based off of changing priorities and user feedback.