Contributing to Aurora

Adding a new component to the Aurora design system requires several steps and pieces to be fully integrated into the system. Since Aurora provides comprehensive designs, code, accessibility guidelines and documentation for each component or pattern, we’ve created a checklist of what needs to be completed before adding to the system.

For more information on contributing to Aurora, please read our README file on Github or contact us!

What’s required to add a new component to the Aurora design system:

  • Design the component (in Adobe Illustrator), and have a single .ai file.

  • Add the component to the Aurora UI kit

  • Build the component

    • If the component is part of Bootstrap, build the custom CSS class
    • If the component is custom, build the applicable CSS class and HTML
    • React component
  • Create a Pull Request to add the component to the project.

  • Write documentation and translate.

    • Design specifications and best practices
    • HTML documentation, including accessibility considerations
    • React documentation
  • Add the documentation to the website in the aurora-website repo on a new branch.

  • Create a Pull Request to add the documentation to the project.